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About Us

Steven Smith Stuffed Animals offers the largest assortment of "in stock" Plush! All are available with your logo or imprint.

Our award winning custom designs have been called "the best on earth!" If you have a custom Project please allow us to assist you in the development of a beautiful prototype. Our custom Plush & Beanies are fashioned with Gift store quality levels. We will turn your 2-dimensional drawing or picture into a sensational 3-Deminsional Soft Scuplture.

Looking for a doctor, soldier, cowboy, banker, policeman, fireman, golfer, repairman or another? 
Please view our enourmous selection of outfits & accessories. We probably have what you need. We will suggest intersting ways to customize your imprint on tee-shirts, vests, hats, bandanas, scarves buttons, medallions and more.

After looking through our site and catalog we hope that you will see why we are so proud of our creations.